TEAS Test, math section vs. HESI???

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    I took the HESI back in May and did very well on it. I'm applying to another school that requires the TEAS. I got the study guide for the HESI and found the math portion on the test to be practically right out of the study guide. I am wondering if anyone has taken the TEAS and the HESI and if so, how similar were the math sections? I haven't received my TEAS study guide yet and am just curious about what I should expect.
    Thanks for your time!

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    They are very similiar as far as the amount of fraction and decimal questions. The only thing is, in my city, they don't let us use calculators.
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    I haven't taken the HESI, but I took both the NET and the TEAS V. I didn't purchase the TEAS V study guide but did use the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Test book and the McGraw-Hill book.

    The math sections on both the NET and the TEAS V were very similar. So similar, in fact, that I scored a 93 in math on both exams! The major difference was that the TEAS does not permit you to use a calculator.

    Here is a list of topics that appeared on my TEAS test:
    -adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing
    -mixed numbers
    -simplifying algebraic equations
    -finding the value of x
    -finding the area/perimeter(or circumferece) of a:
    -a square/rectangle
    -a circle
    -pythagorean theorum to figure out one side of a triangle
    -using the FOIL method
    -square roots
    -Roman numerals
    -basic every day math like balancing a check book
    -metric conversions (I'm not sure if this was in the math or science section, but it did appear on my exam!)

    Like I said, I'm not familiar with the Math on the Hesi, but aside from the roman numerals and maybe the metric conversions, the TEAS Math section was pretty basic math concepts.

    I'm sure you'll do equally well on the TEAS math portion as you did on the HESI!
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    Ooops. Sorry. I didn't realize that the original post was made over a year ago.
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    It helped me anyway Cortisol!!!
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    I'm glad to hear that!

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