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I take the exit HESI Jan. 8th and I am beyond stressed about it. I have been looking over practice test. I signed up for and I have been looking over previous notes. I need a 850 to pass and I REALLY want to pass.... Read More

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    Thank you to everyone for all of your help. I took the Exit Hesi today and passed with a 972! I am so excited and happy for it. I can actually breathe for a minute! I will still be studying for NCLEX but it is a weight lifted off my chest!!!

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    Congrats girl!
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    schedule to take the hesi at the end of this month, any help will be apreciated
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    Congrat Mommy2RN, I am schedule to take the hesi at the end of the month, and will apreciate any help from anyone.
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    Please help me pass my exit! What did you study from? any help would be greatly appreciated. I took my first attempt and they turned the test off because they were leaving early and counted it as my first attempt fail! Im so stressed, congrats to you. ty D
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    Hey- dmatson-When did you take you test? WHen next are you taking it. I will be doing mine at the end of the month.
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    I used It's $97 but it helped tremendously. I also did Atleast 100 questions each night. Good luck!
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    Does anyone know if they are still administering the 2012 version or if they have moved on to the 2013 version ?
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    Took my exit Hesi on the 19th and passed with a 1041, yeahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! I am almost an RN, BSN
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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any material or info on Hesi exit rn exam. We need a 900 and I made an 835. Please help! Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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