Med-Surg HESI

  1. 0 Hello! I am taking the Medical-Surgical HESI exam for my Adult Health II class tomorrow. I need to make a 700 to pass the class because if we don't get a 700 it counts as 0% for 10 percent of our grade. If I score a 1000 I will get a "B" in the class.

    Does anyone have any tips? I have both the HESI review book and the Saunder's review book. I've been studying from both all semester.

    The fact that I could get a 0% scares me.

    Thanks for the help!
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    There are many legitimate sources of study materials. Please don't post or ask for materials.
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    Oh I wasn't askig for study materials, just tips! I already took the test though and passed with over 950. I highly recommend the HESI review book.
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