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Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the HESI exit exam for the ADN... Read More

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    I don't know what they based the Hesi on. I failed my hesi test but I still graduated because my overall grade was computed for that class. However, i PASSED NCLEX PN with 85 questions. They should change things, something's not right.

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    I agree! We lost so many people because of HESI. Unlike your school HESI is not computed into our grade. Hesi is a grade all it's own, 95% of the class passed the class but not HESI and they were not allowed to graduate. The world is short a lot of good nurses.
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    Quote from lsw1956
    I agree! We lost so many people because of HESI. Unlike your school HESI is not computed into our grade. Hesi is a grade all it's own, 95% of the class passed the class but not HESI and they were not allowed to graduate. The world is short a lot of good nurses.
    I agree with you. Hesi exam should not be the way to kick out student out of this profession. Many good students can not graduate because of hesi. It is not fair.
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    i hate taking hesi's cause they affect my grade... but i guess im also thankful for them cause they'll push me to step up
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    Hi All,

    I am in my senior year of nursing school last semester and have been in school for 7 years trying to get my RN degree. I took my hesi exit exam for the second time yesterday and failed it again along with 10 others 806 and need an 850. I am not graduating in 5 weeks because of this. Meanwhile I owe $120,000 in student loans from being in school all these years. I have been a straight A-B student throughout my education and I am also on the national honor society for nursing, but because of hesi I will not be allowed to graduate in may. I have to finish out the semester and go back next semester for a refresher course and if I fail a third time I am out of the program. Not only has my school and hesi made me doubt myself they have ruined my life and every joyous thought of nursing I had went out the window. I understand why there is a shortage of nurses, these schools love to take students money and leave them out to dry with nothing to show for all there hard work. I hate hesi and all it stands for and something needs to be done about this. These schools need to start taking accountability when students don't pass their hesi and give them proper preparation, not just throw a book in their face and tell them to self prepare. Half the stuff on my hesi exam yesterday wasn't even in the hesi book, and the hesi resources are only available through the instructors, not that they are helpful as I utilized them and they still didn't help. As students we have enough preparation through class work and clinical to pass the boards and hesi should not be a determing factor of that. I am going to see if I can at least sit for my LPN state board exam at least I'll get something out of all this hard work . Meanwhile I gotta fight on my hands.

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    I am currently a student at the University of Phoenix. We were told about the RN exit HESI one month before we were scheduled to graduate. We must pass with a 900 or retake it. The classes that are behind us have only one chance. I think this is very wrong!! Three and a half years of school and $ 46,000. down the drain if you fail. I received a 853 on my first try and will need to retake it in two weeks. I am currently studying Saunders and the Hesi review books. Any advice?
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    I totally agree with you about school trying to weed out students with a low HESI score to boost their pass rate. My first ever HESI score was a 650 and I was 45 minute late to the exam. Well, I didnt last long in the ABSN program at Duquesne. A month before I would have graduated, they expelled me from the program. Of course, they cant tell you that this was the exact reason for getting rid of you. They find other likeable cause to say that you're unsafe in your practice, etc. Our dean told us that a female student from a previous class had OD on administration of drug to a pediatric client, therefore, Duquesne no longer allows any students to give meds to ped pts. The Dean said they let her graduate because she will never do that again. I compared what they said about my unsafe practice for wearing gloves when I walked out of the patient ICU room one time to that of a student who OD a patient, which is worse? A lot of my classmates were surprised. They couldnt believe that with just a month left until graduation, I was kicked out, even with a GPA of 3.01. At the time, I really didnt figure it out why other professors, not teaching the program for that particular semester was asking me about my HESI score. Of course, I had to be honest to those who asked and I was thinking they would find ways to help me to improve my score. Well, they helped me alright. They got together to weed me out of the program. So, for those of you out there, be well prepared score about 850 on the HESI exam. Someone from here posted that the state of New York banned this policy. I hope that PA will follow suit. It's totally aggravating for me to learn that the school did not help me to improve but found ways to officially get rid of me.
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    Is this really a predictor of how well we will do on boards? We all just took the HESI this week (IT IS NOT A FACTOR IN OUR GRADUATION) We graduate in a month but our instructors are treating all student in our program like crap if they didn't get an 850 on it. We really didn't take it that seriously...our instructor left the room and some students even were sharing answers!!! Our instructors are now telling us that if we got below an 850 than we are in REAL trouble and we have to submit (with proof) 3, 000 questions before graduation to remiediate us before graduation. IS THIS TRULY A PREDICTOR OF NCLEX????
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    YES!! It really IS a predictor of your success in the NCLEX-RN!! You have now shown that you and your classmates are not trustworthy. Is this how you will act with clients? Will you have this same attitude when you are taking care of someones mother? Does your class have this low of integrity?
    I do hope you take this VERY seriously and realize that your instructors are trying to help you be successful when taking the NCLEX-RN. You are only hurting yourselves!
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    I DO take this seriously but I think the issue at this point is that this feels like the icing on the cake. The attitude they have with students who have scored higher on tests (throughout the program) is MUCH different than the students who might have struggled on tests. If this test was such a big deal then why did we have testing conditions that were noisy, no instructor present and no indication that we would need to remediate with them after the test. When we take NCLEX we will have prepared for it differently..had a review course, better testing conditions etc. It feels like the instructors are only concerned about keeping the good pass rate that our school is known for, not concern for us. We are adults and our instructors talk to us like children sometimes. There is nothing wrong with our instructors being hard on us to drive us to do better but it is about respect. Even when we have performed well there is very rarely a "good job" from them. I realize this post sounds whiny but I was just frustrated with how they talked to some students after the HESI. I can't speak for everyone in my program but I take the fact that I am about to be an RN VERY SERIOUSLY and I hope that my instructors find a way to be hard on students but have respect for them as well. Thanks for your input.

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