What are my chances of getting into the nursing program at broward college?

  1. I got a 87 on my hesi, and my gpa is 3.0. Does anyone know if I have a good chance or should I take the hesi again!!??
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  3. by   Getting To Great
    What entrance date are you anticipating? There is a good possibility you can gain acceptance with your stats; you can always take the Hesi again just too out weight your gpa, such as making you a little more competitive. Good luck.
  4. by   NikkiNicole1488
    I will be applying at Palm Beach State College and you can only take the HESI every 6 months I was told. I would apply and see what happens. Maybe also apply to other schools too..?
    Good Luck.
  5. by   CDub72
    Hello everyone,
    I am interested in applying to Palm Beach State College as well. Does anyone know if there is a difference between the Hesi and the TEAS tests? I already have the TEAS book- just wondering if it would be safe to just study from that rather than purchase the HESI book..
  6. by   NikkiNicole1488
    @ Cdub

    I took the Hesi on the 24th at PBSC.. I failed it ! I stuided for hours and weeks for this test I dont know how I bombed it but I did. It was more difficult then I thought... and VERY long... I was there the whole 4 hours they give you. Reading & grammer was easy, chemistry wasnt that bad but AP and Biology I did horrible on, and I studied Bio and AP! I used the Hesi A2 book 2ed from elsevier. In my opnion the book was nothing like the test at all, some say it was but I disagree or maybe it was my test who knows but very FEW things I studied in the book was on my test, and I read every page of this book.. My advice is study hard for it test yourself there are websites out there and I dont know if I would study from the TEAs book that seems totally different. Everything on the Hesi even the vocab had medical terms and refrences on it. I would just study from old text books and the Hesi a2 book 3rd ed.. It just came out. Cover AP, chem and Bio in depth! and Vocab was tricky.. Good Luck.
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  7. by   angelynn
    got some great A&P study info from a place called readyforthehesi.com I was so overwhelmed by the A&P section, I didn't know where to start, or what to study. This guide helped me put it into smaller pieces and I made a 93 on the A&P section. It also includes a small math and chemistry sample test. Which was very true to the real test.
  8. by   CDub72
    Im so sorry to hear you failed your test... I will definitely take your advice.. It may have been your nerves that caused you to fail. It seems like you studied quite a bit. I've been reading around on the allnurses site and the Elsevier book didnt have good reviews..Do you already have a study group? If not maybe we can set something up. I live in dade county though, but I can meet you somewhere near the school im sure. I plan to speak with an advisor next week... I went online and saw that they have a point system and its best to get all the points you can acquire before taking your HESI.. at least you can just focus on that and not worry too much about other stuff.