What are helpful hesi exit materials?

  1. i am on my summer break and will start my last semester at a community college in sept. we are taking the hesi exit exam and we need to pass this. I read some of the posts and some of the posts were from a few years ago.

    can anyone tell me what books, flash cards, websites etc I can start looking from this summer to prepare the for exit exam? thank you
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  3. by   mrmedical
    Saunders is pretty much the gold standard. When I took it (scored in the 99th precentile with JUST using Saunders) I felt - and a lot of my peers agreed with me - that it was a mixture of very brain dead material and some just plain old "***-out there" style questions.

    The best I can say is pick Saunders or the HESI review book and just look at content - most students think they'll bomb it but you actually have to do really bad to fail because the questions are weighed differently.
  4. by   FilledWLove
    I agree. The Saunders book was very helpful and was my main study tool. Review content and do questions everyday. Our school required us to purchase a case studies online module from evolve elsevier which is affiliated with Saunders/HESI etc. and a lot of my cohort found that to be helpful.

    Content review and questions everyday is key to being successful. Good for you for studying early during the summer. You will do great!
  5. by   starmickey03

    Our school requires us to turn in so many NCLEX questions with 80% or above in order to graduate, so for the last couple weeks Ive been doing nothing but questions out of Saunders.

    I had my Exit HESI yesterday and did very well and it was definitely because of the Saunders questions I had been doing. A lot of the things on the HESI I wouldnt have known if I hadnt done the Saunders questions.
  6. by   somedaypeds
    Hesistudy.com. I wish someone had told me about this before I started my last quarter of nursing school. I just finished the last quarter and have yet to pass the HESI. I have had 3 tries - I only get one more. Our school allowed us to take an incomplete for the last quarter and take more time to take the last exam if we needed.

    I started using hesistudy.com a week ago and already feel like my chances have passing HESI 4 have increased exponentially.

    By the way, I am normally a very good test taker - no anxiety, finish 1st or second, get A's and B+'s. Passed the LPN exam on the first try with the minimum questions. The HESI is a different beast!