Took HESI today for 2nd time....Just want to help others out

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    hi all!

    i just wanted to give you all some feedback on my experience taking the hesi for the 2nd time today. my school only requires the math and reading (vocab, grammar, comprehension) sections.
    the first time i took it was last year and i used the hesi study guide edition 2. i scored an overall 88% because although i did very good in english, i got a 79% in the math section.

    this 2nd time around i purchased the hesi study guide edition 3 (newest one). i basically focused most of my efforts on the math sections since i scored so low last time. i did brush up on the vocabulary and grammar rules because i noticed that the 3rd edition study guide was different than the 2nd edition i used last year.

    today i scored an overall 92% which i am very happy about. i got a 93 in the math section so that really bumped me up but i wanted to let you guys know that the reading sections were much harder than last year. i am naturally very good in english and the comprehension and vocab section was pretty challenging. i scored lower in the reading sections this time around which i was very surprised about.

    i urge any of you taking it soon to make sure that you understand all the grammatical rules and how to answer the " what statement can you imply by reading this passage?" they had a few of those questions in the comprehension section. review the vocabulary! specifically, the harder words because i noticed most of those on the test.

    hope this helps someone out there! :heartbeat
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    Congrats on your score!!!!
    What questions were mainly asked on the math section?
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    hi kymberlee,

    thanks i am really excited about my score too!! the math section had a lot of fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing). as well as, ratios, fill in the blank word problems (not multiple choice), and lots of conversions (pound, kg, ml, etc). study well for the math section!!! :heartbeat
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    Thank you CinDRnyc, for informing me about the math section. So did you get into the program?
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    I recently took the HESI...and our school only required math, vocab, grammar and reading. I found the math part to be the hardest, but I also thought some of the vocab/grammar questions were challenging. I studied using the HESI review book (Mosby) and by taking some online practice tests. I used the tests that someone else here recommended -

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    Hello rdethrote, did the math dection of the hesi test took similar to the test-guide practice test? How did you study for the vocabulary?
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    Also, how do I prepare or study for the critical section of the hesi exam. I really need your help!!!
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    way to go! where do you purchase the hesi study guide edition 3 thanks! again congrats!
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    Congrats on your score. For the math part do you get to use a calculator? Also how many math questions are there? Was the critical thinking hard and if so what do you suggest for studying critical thinking.
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    Has anyone taken a HESI Exam that consisted of A&P, Math, Reading, Grammar, or Vocabulary? How was it on each section? Difficult?Easy?
    I'm a pre-nursing student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) and I will be applying for the Spring 2013 semester this fall.

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