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    Hello, I don't need to take chem or physics on the HESI, so I'm wondering if I could use the entire 4 hours for the other sections? Or is each section specifically timed? Does anyone have the breakdown of section/time? thanks.

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    When I took the test the time alloted was for all the sections I had to take. I also could choose what order I took the sections. The clock started at the first section I chose and kept going until I finished.
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    cool thanks. So just to confirm there is a calculator only for the math section. Also does anyone know if there's a Calculator for the TEAS? Such a bummer I have to take both the Hesi and the TEAS!
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    I didn't have a calculator to use for the HESI. The testing center told me ahead of time there would not be one, but that they would supply scrap paper, which they did. However, don't go by my experience necessarily. Other people have said they had a calculator on the computer screen to use. So that very well could be the case for you.

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