Are there measurement conversions on HESI?

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    I am studying the HESI exam guide for math. I plan to try to take the HESI soon, hopefully next week. In the exam guide there is a brief section of measurement conversions but no practice problems. Does that mean there aren't any on the test?

    I am using HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review, Ed. 3 by Elsevier.

    I am wondering if I should put in some time to study conversions or not?
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    Yes, know conversions. When I took mine there were a few problems, but it mostly consisted of fractions and ratios! I took the HESI a few months ago.
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    They're not difficult. Simply knowing the conversion formula suffices.
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    Thanks! What conversion formulas do you mean? The ones in the HESI book?
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    Well how do you normally convert?
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    If you know how to do what they show in the study guide you should be fine. That's the only thing I studied. I got maybe two conversion questions. The bulk of the questions were ratios and fractions when I took it. Oh, and some percentages too.
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    I had a few kitchen type conversions--I used the big G method.... Memory Tricks: Remembering How Many Cups in a Gallon | The Kitchn then just know how many oz are in 1 cup and you can go from there using that big G. Also know that 1 oz=30ml. The King Henry Died Monday Drinking Chocolate Milk, came in handy for me as well when I took the math portion of the Hesi.
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    Quote from TWiersch
    Thanks! What conversion formulas do you mean? The ones in the HESI book?

    Scroll down to the video.