Study guide opinions for HESI, Please and thank you!

  1. I will be taking my HESI entrance exam next summer or fall at Edison State college. I went to my local bookstore to see if they had the HESI admission exam study guide, which they did not have, so I got "the complete idiots guide to nursing entrance exams" if focuses on multiple types of exams, which includes HESI A2... my question is is HESI and HESI A2 the same, similiar or completely different? Also, has anybody used this book as a study guide? was is helpful? It has practice tests on multiple subjects. I have 2 babies under 2 so I thought it would be good to start studying WAY in advance to get the best possible score the first time. thank you!
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  3. by   JenLahaye
    I would buy the "official study guide" from Hesi and use the one you bought from bookstore as a supplement.
    Math: focus on fractions(addition,multiplying, dividing). Focus on addition and subtraction of decimals. Focus on proportions a lot!!. Focus in house hold measures( the one in the official study guide is perfect) literally everything was on it.
    Vocabulary: it's kind of random but again I suggest you buying the Hesi book.
    Grammar: basic grammar. A lot of "what's wrong or needs to be removed from sentence" questions.
    Reading: normal comprehension.

    That's all we had to take for ours. I still have my Hesi book. If u need it let me know I will be happy to send your way. Private message me your address. Hope I can help. I've been there before so I know how stressful it is.
  4. by   Devin6xx
    thanks so much! i got an unofficial because the only study guides they had was for the NCLEX exams and anatomy. The HESI book would be GREAT and very appreciated! The HESI books were soo expensive online! I will message you my address! thank you again for all of your advice!