Should I take the HESI Entrance Exam?

  1. Hello! I was hoping somebody could help the answer the question posted above. I am applying for fall admission into my school's nursing program and found out only recently that I need to take the HESI entrance exam. My advisor had never mentioned it before and I thought since I will be taking the first week of my classes that I would not have to take it before I apply. I have emailed her asking if I need to take it and all she said was that it was "strongly suggested but that I am a priority admit." My GPA is good and I have all the necessary credit hours I am just don't know if I need to take it. Is there any advice as to what I should do? Would anyone take it even if it wasn't needed? Thanks!
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  3. by   x_factor
    If it's a requiremen for your program, then yes take it. If it's not a requirement for your program, then I'm not sure why they would tell you to take it. Programs usually either require the HESI or they don't, there's usually no in-between.