Rowan at Gloucester County (HESI)

  1. Hi I took the HESI A2 in July, I have an overall 85% and a 900 on the critical thinking. I'm curious about what others are scoring to see if I need to take it again before the October deadline for the LPN bridge program. I'm also confused what the Class average is when you get your results after you have taken it.
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  3. by   Cindyel
    Hi! I am just starting the Regular ADN nursing program at RCGC. We just had orientation last week. As long as you got the min. required scores for each section and you have good pre-req grades, I wouldn't bother. I imagine it will become more competitive since they got ranked #1 in the state but....they have that awesome new facility to pay for and they want to fill it. They made it clear if you fit the criteria, they will accept you. Their admissions criteria is tough so if you have everything in order, you should not have any problem. The criteria weeds many out from the beginning. So many people have to take the HESI multiple times since they can't pass it. I wouldn't take it multiple times if I passed. I passed on the first shot and I can't imagine taking it again if I didn't need to.

    I think the class average is the average of the people you tested with but I am not 100% sure. Good Luck!!
  4. by   kymaults
    Hi! Thank you for responding. Yes I did score the minimum required scores for each section, but my pre-req's are okay. I have A's and B's but the down part is I have C's in A&P I and II...and there are a limited number of clinical seats(15-20) for the LPN bridge program, it's more in the regular ADN. I would feel more comfortable with my overall score being in the 90's so that I will get a good enough ranking to get in.

    I was thinking the class average was the average of the people I tested with as well.

    Good luck in the program!!