plz help for hesi exit pn

  1. i m in dire need for help hesi pn. this is sickening me. i took ati exit pn twice failed. i might end up taking hesi pn. im terrrified as hell. i need 900 to pass this otherwise i will be out with no diploma. how to pass for this. i hve already done saunders cd, ati for ai exit even that didn't help me at all for ati exit and i still failed. third time around i m taking a new thing called hesi pn exit. is kaplan review helpful and hesi book and cd is that good o prep for exam.. some body plz reply.i m a weak test taker and i go nervous when i go in front of that computer.
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  3. by   Jserrano2113
    Hi, I don't know if this reply is too late or not.From what I hear, the Kaplan review is really good. I took my HESI exit on Tuesday 9/5, I scored a 1116 and a conversion score of 96%. (During the exam I felt like I was failing the whole time) To help me prepare, I did a ton of practice questions with the Saunders NCLEX review. Other tips, for prioritizing questions use the Airway, Breathing, Circulation. With questions that ask which patient an PN can assess keep in mind the difference between an RN and PN and which assessments they each should do. For safety questions, look for hints in the question such as a "Post-OP" patient wants to ambulate, what should the nurse do, type of questions your clue should be post-op and to see what anesthetics were used. For pharmacology, you have to know the major side effects of each class, especially antibiotics and Cardio meds. LABS, I had few questions regarding BUN, HG, INR, etc. Make sure to brush up on your fundamentals, such as inserting a foley, foley care, changing an IV tubing, CPR, Infection control, care for unconscious and bedridden patients. I also had a few mental health questions and therapeutic responds-remember open ended questions.

    The Saunders book gave me good pointers as far as reading in to the question and taking each answer and looking for ways to eliminate the incorrect such as closed end words like "only" or "all" and eliminating answers that are similar to one another.

    Best of luck to you. Let me know if you have any other questions
  4. by   snowybee
    thanks for the tips alot jserrano. this is gng to be my first experience dealing with hesi.