On my last try for hesi entrance exam for fall 2013 enrollment

  1. At my school you only get two chances within a year to take the Hesi Entrance Exam. My first try was okay, I nearly passed the reading comprehension and grammar but I did need to work on my math and vocabulary. The only problem that I currently have is that I dont know what I need to study for the vocabulary. The vocabulary that is included within the book wasn't on the test. Just about %1 was on the test which left me stressed because what I was told to study wasn't even close to what was on the test. What were materials you used to study for the vocabulary section?
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  3. by   __patiently_waiting

    I haven't taken the HESI yet & won't until July 26, but I've already started looking up where to study online. Quizlet has alooot about the HESI on there including tons of vocab, so you might want to go there. Good luck!
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    i tooo have same problem
  5. by   kimberlyteer
    Hello, just some friendly advice. When studying the vocab section, venture outside of the Hesi A2 book. The GRE vocab, if you still have your anatomy book that would be helpful also. I ran in the same problem with the vocab section when I took my test in February. There are several versions of the test and I think I got the one with less vocab words from the book.

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  6. by   michiganstudent
    I took the HESI admission test in January, and I got a 96 on the vocab - ONLY because I downloaded SAT/ACT test vocab lists! The HESI test uses some medical vocab words, but even more vocab that you would find in 12th grade + vocab tests.

    If you study SAT/ACT vocab, it will help you immensely.