Need to pass HESI.. tips/good study materials?

  1. Ok so I am new to this site, but I am taking the HESI exam on Wednesday and I feel so overwhelmed. Does anyone have any advice/tips/useful study materials they would like to share? I have the Saunders NCLEX Review book..
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  3. by   djh123
    The Saunders book is really good. Don't stress out. I was worried about the HESI (the one between the last 2 semesters, or at least that's when we took it) - enough to where I didn't study a huge amount the first time, thinking I'd use that experience as 'practice' and work much harder for the 2nd try. And I wasn't one of the best students in my class - probably more like in the middle - and I still passed it on the first try. Not by that much, but still! And some others who passed it the first time said the same thing.

    Just try to study a variety of stuff - for the NCLEX I studied all of the end-of-chapter questions in the Saunders book, plus 250-300 questions on the CD, but then I ran out of time (I meant to do ALL of the questions on the CD).
  4. by   cnw_RNstudent
    Thanks for the advice! I have the Saunders book and I have been doing the CD review questions. We have 100 questions due every week.. I have been trying to memorize lab values and go over common medications. Our HESI scores are worth 50% of our grades so hopefully I pass!