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    my scores on the hesi exam were 88 in reading, 90 in math, 80 in vocab, and a 90 in grammar...... Will these scores get me into the nursing program at a school with about 2,300 students total? I'm worried! please let me know yalls opinion. thank you.
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    Your scores are pretty good. Just make sure your GPA is up to par and I think you should be fine. Since you did so well, what would advice be for us who hasn'tbtaken the exam, yet. What resources did you use? Thanks and good luck.
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    You didn't test for science? You should be able to get through with a good GPA. It will also come down to the amount of seats that are available. If they have enough seats for 30 percent of that number, you should get through.
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    btw does our gpa help with the hesi as well
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    study hard. I used the hesi admissions assessment study guide. it helped me a lot with math and grammar. not so much with vocabulary though.
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    yes if you have a good gpa it should help a lot.
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    my gpa is a 4.0.... and no I didn't test for science thank goodness!!!
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    no nothing on biology or chemistry or physics at all
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    well I scored low in math .If we score low in any categorie will they make us retest on that section alone or the whole thing
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    my gpa is a 3,65

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