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Hello everybody. I am a pre-nursing student at Lonestar college and I was planning on taking the Hesi test Monday. I will be applying to North Harris as my first choice and Montgomery as my second choice. So far I have 8 points... Read More

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    There hasn't been very much chatter in the last few days. Is there another blog to follow? I did see one that had more people participating but can't find it now. I also read on that page that the letters have been held up by a problem at North Harris.... Or at least that is the case for the NH letters. It said they wouldn't be mailed out for another 2 weeks. (I read it a week ago) I have to ask anyway ANY LETTERS YET???

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    no, haven't received one either. i am hoping the easter bunny brings mine, lol
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    I meet a lady at Moco that got her acceptence letter the week before Spring break! She had a 11.8, great score! She had the letter in hand! She also says a few of her friends have gotten their alternet letters??? I don't know what is going on.
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    @Ckfomby The LVN program at Montgomery sent out acceptance letters right before spring break, not the ADN program. The ADN program closed their application period at 4pm on Friday before spring break. The ADN program letters have not been received by anyone yet, nor would someone have received a letter for the ADN program before the application period closed.
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    I received my blue card in the mail from the BON today! I am hopeful that the letters will come soon as some of the transition students from Montgomery received their letters today!! I hope my mail lady delivers early tomorrow, maybe I will receive an acceptance letter.
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    I posted in the other thread, but I got my acceptance letter to Montgonery today! It was postmarked yesterday. So let the good news for everyone start rolling in!
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    Congratulations! Your wait is over. Happy Easter!
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    I got my Letter today and I was accepted!!!!! I am so excited! I got into Tomball. Good luck everyone!
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    Congrats ckfomby! Best of luck to you
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    Ckfomby Congrats!!!! I am in with you at Tomball! What a relief receiving that letter has brought all of us!!
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