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Just took the HESI A2...

  1. 0 Got a 92% overall. I did very well on the grammar, math, and reading(100%, 94%, 92%, respectively), but I was really bummed out about the vocabulary(82%). The reason being, most(about half-three quarters) of the words/terms asked about in the vocabulary section were not in my evolve study guide, nor did I encounter them online on various websites such as, test-guide.com, quizlet.com, etc., which I also used to study the vocabulary. I would say about 10 questions involved words directly from the evolve study guide. The only thing I would have done differently to have been better prepared would have been to read a medical terminology dictionary perhaps? Honestly, the questions were very random and I'm not sure where to find a cumulative study guide for the exact terms/words they asked about. My nursing adviser told me to familiarize myself with grammar prefixes and suffixes for the vocabulary part. That had nothing to do with it and I knew most of those already, it was mostly medical terms/words or words used in the context of a medical situation. There were a few words on there I had never heard in my life(I don't want to say on here because I'm not sure I'm allowed to), so...

    What do you guys think of my overall score(92%), honestly? I know a lot of other people scored higher, I'm sure, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. A 92% has to be a pretty decent score still. :-) Aaaand, its done!! Over! Thank goodness. lol

    If anyone wants tips/advice/study help, PM me and I'll be happy to answer any questions or help :-)

    (I apologize if this posts twice, I tried posting it earlier on my phone, and it didn't show up, so this is my second attempt.)
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    I think that's an awesome score! Good job! At least it's over. I take mine tomorrow.
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    Good luck! :-)
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    i have a question saraMC but cant pm you new to the site
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    I was wondering the exact same thing...do you know where any websites or books I can buy and use to strengthen my medical terminology skills? PLEASE HELP!!