Just took the HESI!!

  1. I took the hesi A2 today and passed!! we had to have an 80 on math, science, and english to apply!

    I just thought i would talk a little about it because i searched these sites forever looking at what people had to say about this test!!

    Chem: This part was really hard. It was NOTHING like the study guide. had stuff about water, hydrolysis, hydrogen bonds, a lot of reactions, pH, moles. some of the questions were pretty tricky. i would have been better off not to study anything for it. luckily, i just got done with organic chemistry. I feel like i guessed on a good amount though.The study guide really did not help. I got an 84 somehow!

    Biology: I thought this part was easy. a lot about cell function and mitosis and meiosis. It also had a few conversions which i was pretty surprised about! It also had two questions about AIDS and a question about herpes?

    Reading: Reading is reading. I don't enjoy it, but it wasn't bad. i got an 82.

    vocab: i got a 78. I thought this part was the hardest! i probably had about 20 words from the hesi study guide and the rest i made guesses on.

    math: SO easy!! know conversions!!! i probably had 10-15 on those. I had a ton of ratios and proprtions. One military time. 0 roman numerals. a bunch of easy word problems. There was also a few fractions (multiplying, adding, dividing, and subtracting). the rest was simple adding and stuff. They gave us scratch paper and we could use the calculator on the computer! i got a 92. The hesi study guide was right on for math!

    grammer: pretty easy. I took this section first because i was nervous and knew i would do OKAY on it. i got an 84. simple stuff really.

    SO i now can appy for the nursing program and be in for spring! i have a 4.0 and now passed the HESI! so excited! GOODLUCK to anyone taking this test!!
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  3. by   ZekeMass
    I took the TEAS a few weeks back and felt equally relieved.

    I'm sure the specifics you shared will help a lot of people.