Intro to chem enough? Basic biology ok to pass the hesi?

  1. The advisor at the college (not the program advisor) told me intro to chem would be fine to prepare for the HESI. He told me to take human bio but its not fitting into my schedule. There is a lot more basic biology classes then human bio classes. I just want to know what you guys think. Will intro to chem and basic bio be good enough to pass the HESI?
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  3. by   fashionnscrubs
    Hey There!

    I just took the HESI today and I thought I would post to you and let you know that YES, Intro to Chem is just fine! I took just the basic Intro to Chem and honestly wasn't that great at it. When it came to the HESI, I knew this would be my trouble area and it showed, as I got a 60%..ouch! However, this wasnt because the info wasnt from was because I just dont really grasp Chem! If you do not do well in one section of the HESI, don't freak..because it balances out and you will do fine! As far as Bio, my school does not require Biology at all for the nursing program, surprisingly. So I had NO prior knowledge of Biology at all...I got the HESI book and broke it up into sections, watched youtube videos to understand helped SO much to hear other professors break it down into lamens terms and make it easy to follow. The Bio section is mostly about organells and the Cell! Good Luck and I hope this helps :-)
  4. by   AndrewCraigRN
    There are some human biology elements on the test that I don't believe the average biology class covers. It would be you interest to pick up a basic human biology textbook and review that.

    This one I found real quick for $3.28. Buying Choices: Human Biology
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    Thank you!!