I need help with my HESI test!

  1. Hello I live in Houston Texas and I am studying to take my HESI test for the 1st time. I would love if I can have advices as what is the best way to prepare myself for this test.

    I am a bilingual student and English is my second language that makes everything a little harder. I bought a study manual and I am studying off that but if I can have ideas and ways to help me study that would be perfect especially for my English/ Grammar part

    thanks !!!!
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  3. by   ikegrad2002
    HI arnurse2b! The Hesi exam really isn't hard. I honestly studied everyday until I took the Hesi. I don't know if you have the Evolve Hesi Assessment study guide, if not go to your local book store and get one(Barnes and Noble, Half Price Books, etc). For the A&P section, I also studied from my old A&P book or you can use any A&P study guide. I chose to do so, that way I knew I would pass. For the Grammar section, just study the Grammar/Vocabulary part that is in the Hesi Study Guide. It will help you a lot. DON'T JUST READ IT, KNOW IT!!!! The Grammar section is very simple!!!! On the reading section, take your time, you have plenty! I recommend doing the reading first since it will be the longest. The math is very basic math. Know conversions, add/subtract fractions and military time. Good luck on your exam. JUST STUDY GOOD AND TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!