I didnt pass the HESI A2 help

  1. I retake it Friday & I am soo nervous it's my only chance left. If I dont pass it this time I am no longer able to apply to the program. It's for BSN and I felt so good going into the test from studying & it was totally not what I expected or really anything that were in the sections of the Evolve study guide. Any word of advice? I'm hoping the second time around it's the same type of information... :/
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  3. by   Faith2012
    stay calm as possible. Study what you know since you now know what to expect. I had a lot of ratios, fractions, etc. What did you not pass? Google whatever section you didn't pass and study that portion more than the portion you passed.
  4. by   Britt_Marie
    Thank you..I have been googling like crazy but I didnt pass the Biology and Chemistry portion and I felt so good about it bc I just got done w/ BioChem last quarter..I think I was really nervous too..I just hope I pass..its alot of pressure..have you taken it? or retaken it?
  5. by   Faith2012
    I took the Hesi but was not required to take the science (A/P) because I finished my science courses within five years. Do you have to retake everything or just that once section? The hardest part of "standardized" test is figuring out what will be on the exam. At least now you have a heads up on what to expect. I remember I was super nervous before I took my test.
  6. by   Britt_Marie
    Yeah, we dont have to take a&p just Vocab, Grammer, Reading, math Science and Biology..I only have to retake the science..it's just so much pressure knowing it's my last chance and it's the only university around home that I could go to..my other options would be a hour or two hours away from home :/ I know I can do it i'm just so worried. Your right it does make me feel a little better. Do you think it will be over the same stuff?
  7. by   Faith2012
    I don't know. From my understanding the concepts are still the same but of course the questions change. I wish I knew of an exact website that could help. Perhaps if you can remember one question, google it and others like it should pop up. Goodluck, don't worry you will do fine