How to study for Hesi A2

  1. I have taken the test before and got a 90%, but my GPA is lower than most so I need a 95% to get into my nursing program. I am curious how others studied for this test. Does anyone have any tips/ advice? I am terrified of somehow scoring lower...

    also, if anyone has ever taken the Hesi twice, was the test exactly the same? or was the format similar but questions different?
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  3. by   Tinman1017
    Hey sorry Im just now getting back to you. I retook the HESI on saturday and got a 87.17%....when I took it the end of december I got a 87.71%. Not even a difference!

    The only reason I took it twice was because I paid for it. My first score should be good enough to get me in at my school. They take the top 100 HESI scores, and last year they excepted everyone who had a 76% and up! We are tested on everything BUT physics.

    As far as the tests are concerned they are pretty similar but no exactly the same. The math, reading, vocab, grammar was almost identical between the two tests. The Chem, Bio, and AandP were different questions. I got a 76% on AandP the first time, and then the second time I got a 92% just because I got asked different questions!

    The best way I think to study is to go log into the HESI website since you already took it. Instead of clicking on the test you took, click on the + sign and it drops down to all the sections. You can read about the things you missed!

    Also the first 3 chapters of an A&P book will help you on Chem, and Bio! Good luck! I dont think I could get a 95!
  4. by   am207
    Have you looked at the study guide book for it? I bought it off Amazon for like $25. It was helpful to get an idea of what would be on it. I would get familiar with the material in there. The lowest scoring sections for me were Anatomy (which is crazy cause I use terminology on a daily basis) and chemistry and biology. I would refresh my brain with general bio and chem stuff, as well as A&P terms. For the math section, I got 98%, just making sure I took my time and double-checked, actually triple-checked my answers!! The study guide was very helpful, I'll say again. Good luck!!!
  5. by   Lucidity
    Tinman thank you! and that is still a good score! My test wasn't the same either, but very similar! I got a 98 my second try so exciting!!!!!
  6. by   Tinman1017
    Nice job! And Congrats! No more HESI!