hesi vs hesi a2

  1. What is the difference between the two exams? Are there different study guides to use? One school I'm applying to want the hesi exam while the other wants the hesi a2. I feel like I'm going to spend a ridiculous amount money on exams alone.
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  3. by   SaraMC
    I'm taking the Hesi A2 exam next month and at my community college the only topics covered on the exam are reading, math, grammar, and vocabulary. Some also have anatomy and biology. Just call your school and ask about it. Also, my advisor told me the part that people are most unprepared for is the vocabulary. I know it sounds stupid, I was like I know how to spell/use words correctly, but its the simple things(like whether to use lie or lay or lain in a sentence), do just make sure you brush up on your vocabulary. I checked out a couple SAT vocabulary exam reviews from the library and also bought the evolve exam review 2n edition. See if your library has any of these you could borrow instead of having to buy them. Good luck!