Hesi Tomorrow

  1. Please any advice I am up tomorrow and I am going crazy. I do not see any input on chem or bio sections. I am wondering about word problems as well. Are they on the exam and are there a lot of them? Please help!
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  3. by   armygirlabn
    I have no advice about the test. Just I wish you the best of luck. I have to take the test myself in a few months myself. Just stay relax and try your best.
  4. by   MainHustler
    I just took the HESI today and the content for the Chem and Bio sections was on par with what HESI study manuals suggested would be on the exam. You just need to know and understand main concepts on a general level and be able to distinguish between two related concepts (e.g. Hypertonic vs. Hypotonic). Skimming through old general bio and chem notes might not be a bad idea-at least I wish I had done this. I haven't had a general biology or chemistry course for several years though, and I didn't commit much of what I learned then to memory because this will pretty much be the last we see or hear of a lot of it. No one really cares much about the Calvin Cycle or what the temperature is in degrees Kelvin when you're working in a hospital...

    For me, the Biology section was more difficult than the Chemistry section-and my advice to you is that if these two are your least favorite topics, don't save them for last. I made the mistake of doing this and took my sweet time getting through everything that was easier for me and then when I was approaching hour four of the exam, I finally reached Biology and by then I was partially brain-dead from staring at the computer screen that long.

    Good luck! Hope this helped!