HESI Thursday April 4th! HELP :)

  1. It is finally that time. I take the HESI on Thursday and I am beyond nervous! I have been studying from the review book daily. Does anyone have anything they would like to share with me? Please note, I am a very SLOW learner. I didn't do well in school AT ALL. I went back to college after my oldest was born. I refuse to let her take the same path as I did. Did they allow a basic calculator? I am worried I will make a dumb mistake with my basic addition and subtraction! Do you get your test scores the same day or do you wait??

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  3. by   NRSdede
    I'm also a slow learner never really did good I'm school but the HESI was easy everything is in the book just make sure u know how do ur % and decimals and ( example 5x:60 I think that what it looks like lol and household measurements are important to you get to use a calculater so that helps the English and reding are easy very bacic the small science part I didn't do well on because I don't know medical term that well but it didn't matter as long as u score good on the math,reading and English your over all score would still be high
  4. by   NRSdede
    Im not that good at school just study the math part house hold measurements (L,ml,cups,pint ect.) are on their stuff like 5x:60 < make sure u know u will c a lot of them um a few fractions and some basic math I had like 4 word problems the reading easy the english easy and the small medical part was a few medical term things but if u do good on the English math and reading the last part isn't that big of a deal because u would still pass...study the math part of the book and you will be good + you can use a calculator good luck you will do fine
  5. by   JenLahaye
    Study the chart in the book. Very very basic. No crazy conversions. Mine were very simple. There is a calculator on test so you should be good on little mistakes.
  6. by   mchel311
    Thank you! I am a nervous wreck! eeeeek! I am glad it will be over soon. Well, if I pass and don't have to take it a second time. Do you know how soon after you get the results?
  7. by   Athena2802
    With HESI, you usually get the score right after you take your exam.
  8. by   Jenece312
    Quote from Athena2802
    With HESI, you usually get the score right after you take your exam.
    Do you have to pay for the exam?
  9. by   Everline
    I got my score the next day. I also didn't have use of a calculator. They gave us scrap paper and I used several sheets to meticulously work out the problems. That's not to say they were so hard, but I can make stupid mistakes, so I needed to do things slowly and carefully. Most of the math problems were ratios and fractions.

    The test is not that hard. Just work carefully and I'm sure you'll do fine.
  10. by   mchel311
    Yes, it was $85 dollars and rescheduling fees.