HESI Testing nerves!!

  1. Hey everybody, I take my test in feb and I really need to score in the 90's to have any hope.... Any suggestions?
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  3. by   FutureNurseLCW
    Quote from nursinghopeful1010
    Hey everybody, I take my test in feb and I really need to score in the 90's to have any hope.... Any suggestions?
    I take mine a week from today! Everyone has suggested to study the evolve hesi book. I also memorized all the math conversions and household measures! I'll update you once I take it
  4. by   emels1187
    hello nursinghopeful!

    I'm taking the test in a month too! I'm super nervous and excited! I have the evolve book as well. What schools are you interested in?
  5. by   samsilva
    I took my exam in October and scored a 95 on it. 100 on math, 88 on grammar, 98 on reading comprehension, and 94 on vocab and general knowledge. I did not have to take any science exams but I can offer some advise on the ones I did take.

    I purchased the study guide Hesi A2 Secrets by Mometrix Media LCC and studied it semi-regularly before my exam. The vocabulary was the most useful part of this guide (it includes about 300 commonly used words on the exams). I was questioned on many of these words so this guide was my saving grace.

    For the math portion make sure you fully understand proportions and how to solve them. Probably 25% of my math questions were simple proportions. Another large component was conversions. Metric to metric mostly, with a few metric to US mass. Also, make sure you read the questions and know what it is asking. Quite a few of my problems had unnecessary information that could be misleading.

    I would also suggest brushing up on all the grammar rules. As you can see, I did the worst in this area. While taking the test I thought the answers were so simple and straightforward so I zoomed right through it. In retrospect, I would go slower and make sure my answers followed all of the rules.

    Lastly, and maybe most importantly, just breathe! I was very nervous when I took my exam and had a million butterflies. I needed to get a 93 or above on mine and had no idea what to expect. I took my time answering all of the questions (except for in my first section, grammar). You have plenty of time so double check your answers before you submit. Get a study guide (or borrow one from the library) and read a little each night and you'll do great.

  6. by   Getting To Great
    Please do and good luck.
  7. by   Soon2bNurse2015
    Hi can someone tell me is the vocab words in the evolve 3rd edition better than mometrix?
  8. by   nursinghopeful1028
    Thanks everyone!! I have determined that I need at least a 95.... Anyone have any tips for the science portion.... Especially the a&p???
  9. by   Soon2bNurse2015
    Hi can you tell me is the vocab words in the evolve 3rd edition better than mometrix?
  10. by   nursinghopeful1028
    I have the evolve so I hope it is good!!
  11. by   FutureNurseLCW
    Took the hesi today! I passed all the sections! Math study the hesi evolve book that's exactly what is on it! Vocab was extremely hard for me and that is usually my strongest subject! Reading comprehension was very easy! I suggest studying from quizlet.com Good luck everyone!
  12. by   doxielover304
    Was the Vocabulary all about medical terms? And were there a lot of conversions on the math portion? Were there any metric to standard conversions? Those are the hardest for me
  13. by   FutureNurseLCW
    The vocab had medical terms and words I've never heard of! The math only had a few conversions but just study the chart you will be fine! It had a lot of fractions and word problems!
  14. by   Soon2bNurse2015
    Im super nervous about the fractions but i will practice until my eyes bleed but pointers about the test would be helpful guys. I have to take math, reading, grammar (lord scared of that) , vocab and a&p is cliffnotes good for a&p im trying not to stress because im already barely eating