Hesi Scores

  1. For any nurse or nursing student currently in a program,

    I wanted some advice on whether I should retake my HESI Test.

    My scores were a 92 on Math and Reading. 86 on grammar and vocab. 80 on Anatomy and a 850 for critical thinking. I am applying for the Lonestar Cyfair Nursing program.

    I also have an A in english and just passed my AP 2 class with a B.

    Should I retake my Hesi and AP class or am I high enough to get accepted?

    Those accepted, what were your scores like?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated guys! Thank you!
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  3. by   ladylizort
    Your HESI score and Critical Thinking score are both great! If I get those scores like you, I probably won't retake it. Do you have certain classes that they'll evaluate as part of being accepted into the program? My school will evaluate A&P 1, ENGL. 1101 (Composition and Rhetoric), MATH (College Algebra), and PSYCH. 1101. My GPA for these classes is 4.0, but unfortunately, I didn't score high enough in my Critical Thinking, so I have to retake my HESI again this Thursday. Hoping to get a better score.
  4. by   RN2bmedic777
    I'm confident enough to get better scores but I wanted to know if it's enough. i'm always so worried. My school only looks at the scores for English and AP. For a higher score in the critical thinking, I suggest watching youtube videos for it. Those help! it's more about morals and what is right to do versus medical. It's about caring about a patient in more than just the physical. Hope you get a high score!
  5. by   ladylizort
    Watching youtube videos is what I've been doing. Aside from the ABC's (Airways, Breathing, and Circulation), I also learned about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. That is where I probably messed up in my Critical Thinking. I was only looking for a scenarios where I can apply the ABC's, but I didn't think about the Maslow's.
    I hope I'll score high this time too! Thank you!
  6. by   Serhilda
    I would suggest looking at the previous applicants' grades specifically for Lone Star Cyfair to get a rough estimate of the of grades you may need. If you search for something like "Lone Star Cyfair hopefuls" you should find something.