Hesi Score? Middle Georgia college/Cochran or Dublin 2012

  1. Finally, I made a composite score of 84% on my over all hesi and on the Math and English as well. This was for Middle Geogia College Today. You had to make atleast a 75% so I'm assuming I will be in the runner up of those who may get picked. I'm still unsure about the score so I want to call the school next week to make sure. If anyone else took their's for Middle GA or any other colleges that will be fine. If you want to vent about a not so good score or a good score I'm hear to listen. I would love for somone to help explain the score to me. Can't wait to hear from you. Also Did anyone get in from previous years with this score of an 84%. Just need to know what process you went through.
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  3. by   Veronica17c
    I just took it today and hope I get in as well. I got a composite score of 85% so I'm in the same boat as you. On my results it stated that the average was 84. A 75 is needed on both sessions. I wished I knew the point system they used to see if I stand a chance. Good luck to us both on getting in for Fall 2012!
  4. by   limitless-visions
    Thanks Veronica17c I'm glad you posted. It makes me feel like I'm not alone. I hate we have to wait so long for a letter. I just got to keep myself busy so I won't think about it that much. What do you mean about the average is an 84? Do you mean the class average? My class average was an 84 and in all my areas that's what I made. Also are you from the Area? I'm coming from Statesboro!
  5. by   Veronica17c
    I guess 84 is what most of the people taking the test made as a composite score. I live in Pooler, GA....it's close to Savannah. So if I get in.....I will have a long drive. Do you know when they are sending letters out? I'm praying I get in.....hopefully having all the classes except the computers class will get me in. I wished they had summer nursing classes.
  6. by   limitless-visions
    I guess the class average was the same for both our class. I have another friend thats taking it thursday so I'll see if the class average is still the same. As far as the letters goes they say their not going to send anything out until mid may or the end. Their waiting until the semester is over so people can turn in their last classes. I'm in the computer class now and I'm registered to take world lit this summer. They say I could take it with the nursing classes if I get in but who wants to do that. so I guess me and you both have one class that we have not taken. I wish I could talk to someone that's in the program. Did you apply to any other colleges? I'm still going to be working toward my BSN core just in case I don't get in. I'm not going to give up I'm just going to try harder.
  7. by   Veronica17c
    I think the class average changes. I looked on my exam exam score sheet and it now says the average is a 82. It's looking a little better for us. I looked at my transcript eval....looks like I need American Government as well. I know what I'll be taking in the summer if I get in...lol. I applied to Trident Tech (Charleston, SC) and FSCJ and Chamberlain Nursing School (Jacksonville, FL). In August I'll apply to Georgia Southern. I'm just looking to get in anywhere in a 2 hours radius....this is what I want so I'll go the extra mile! Good luck....hope we both get in at MGC! Did you want the Dublin college as well?
  8. by   limitless-visions
    Ok thanks for telling me that the average changed I need to check mine as well. Im waiting on my friend to call me she's taking her test today. Today is the last day to take the test and yes I picked dublin campus because it's closer. I thought about camberlain, I was just told about it. I was thinking about appying to the one in atlanta but I guess jacksonville will be closer. Isn't that a private school? I'm only trying to apply for two year programs until I finish up with my core for a BSN. I'm working on that now, so if I don't get in atleast my chances will increase next year. I'm scheduled to take Biology one and World lit this summer even though I only need world lit for middle ga. Do you have any other classes for you BSN besides American govt. Like statistics etc....
  9. by   Veronica17c
    Yes, I have it all. took stats and even have pathophysiology. All science GPA is like a 3.8....hoping that helps. I've been applying to BSN programs. Chamberlain is private so it may be costly but I get veteran benefits and that helps alot. Chamberlain is a nursing school only, so you don't need to have to finish all your prereq's . Once your in your in.....it's a 3 year accelerated BSN and they take the HESI as well. Can't wait till next month....I would prefer to go to MGC cause I would only take 1 nursing class a semester....so I could really focus on that....seeing as I have a 1 year old and 4 year old and my husband is in nursing school as well. He goes to the University of South Carolina Beaufort....I have to retake Chem to apply so if I don't get into the other program this fall....I'll be retaking chem and applying for the spring start there.
  10. by   limitless-visions
    Wow it must be fun to know that you and your husband has the same desire's. I'm sure yall don't get on each others nerves. Sometimes I feel like I talk to my husband too much about nursing. He's going for IT major so he could care less but I know he respects what I'm pursuing. The pathophysiology class I thought was a nursing class and you could not take it until your in a program? I'm learning new stuff all the time. Ok and your saying that you will only take one class per semester at MGC how is that so. I love this site because you learn something everyday. And on the subject about schools, I did put in for spartanburg community college, I should know about them in a few weeks but I'm like you though I really would like to just commute to dublin so I won't have to move my kids. My son he will be going to the second grade next school term and he's doing good in school and we also have twins that have gotten attached to their daycare. I will move if that's my last resort if a nursing program in georgia don't pick me but we will see.
  11. by   Veronica17c
    I took Patho at Davenport (online) to make myself look more competitive and USCB said they would accept it. The MGC curriculum I looked at has it....I included the clinical w/ the class. The first semester is intro to nursing concepts for 8 hrs. You should look into USCB...it's in Bluffton, SC. Not sure where you live but I live in Pooler, GA and it's 20 minutes from me! Only problem is they start in the Spring and take Application no later than 1 Oct.
  12. by   limitless-visions
    This will give you a break starting out. I think I'm going to call them tommorrow becuase I'm still unsure about the electives. A friend of mine told me they said you can take electives in the summer to help you get ready for the program and there's one class if you take it and make an A you can exempt the test in the beginning of nursing courses. Anyway I will confirm this info tommorrow.
  13. by   limitless-visions
    Hay veronica17c I talk to the school today and she was telling me that they do have electives that you can take in the summer time. The classes will help you a great deal. She talked about the clinical calculations which is a class on math/dosages and if you make an A in it this summer you can exempt the test when you get in the first semester. She said even if you don't get in Middle GA you could still benefit from taking it. Now I have contact admissions and see what I need to do because I may have to be a transient student to take it this summer. I'm taking world lit at the school I already go to and I don't want to take it any where else.
  14. by   limitless-visions
    Hay Veronica17c hows it going? I thought I would check in with you? This what is killing me May can't get here fast enough. Have you heard anything from other people or such?