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Finally, I made a composite score of 84% on my over all hesi and on the Math and English as well. This was for Middle Geogia College Today. You had to make atleast a 75% so I'm assuming I will be in... Read More

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    Hay Veronica17c, I wanted to inform you that I got a rejection letter from Middle georgia this weekend. I was really hurt. This was my third rejection letter this year and out of the others this is the one I was really surprised by. Atleast the rejection letters from the other schools were expected because I didn't pass the entrance exams but middle ga I passed the hesi with an 84 on all parts and had a 3.28 GPA and only world lit to take. The rejection letter doesn't state why so I'm going to call tommorrow to find out why. I wonder if they would reconsider if some don't accept there spot. My family have been blowing up my phone this weekend but I didn't want to talk to no one. People don't understand what nursing students go through just to get in a program. I'm going to try and apply for many programs next go around. I still have Darton that I'm going to try for again so if I do good I will know by the end of june so I'm hoping this one will be it. If not then I'm back on my journey. Give me any schools info that you may know would be good to apply to.

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    I didn't get in either. Don't feel discouraged. I had an 85 on the HESI and a 3.4 GPA. If your willing to drive to Charleston you should apply to Trident Tech. I've heard nothing but good things from that school and there is no waiting list. You only need a 2.5 and a 60% on the PAX-RN. I didn't study on that exam and got a 81%. I'll be commuting and I know others from Savannah that commute there. Good luck and don't give up!
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    Wow I'm surprised that you were a few points higher on your GPA and still didn't get in. Anyway I'm glad you got in somewhere. Thanks for the info I will check them out now.
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    Did you ever find out why you didn't get in? I think that school is a little off. I got an interview with Auburn School of Nursing but I got into a BSN program in Jacksonville! I'll be going for my BSN instead of the ADN now. Chamberlain college...it's private so it's expensive but they don't have a waitlist and they accept year round because they are only a Nursing school..no other degree.
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    How hard/easy was it to get into chamberlain? I did go and talk to someone at their jacksonville location but I think I'm more interested in the atlanta location due to family being in the area already which makes my support system a little easier. I'm in atlanta already so I'm probably going to go their tommorrow to find out what I need to do. I know they said I needed to pay 90.00 for app fee and hesi test. I'm a little scared of the expense but if I don't get in I may go ahead a start sometime this year. When do you start? and do you start right into your nursing classes or do you still have a few core classes?
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    I start 9 July. I won't start clinicals till September. They took all my classes but I need like 3 more. I took the Hesi and got in with a 81. Its wasn't hard...because they are private and costly but hey...it's worth it. Good luck and hope you can start soon.
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    Hello everyone I am taking the hesi test for the second time. Is it harder than the first.
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    I used the Elsevier study guide for the HESI A2 and made an 89 on the Hesi. The Hesi is so much easier than the TEAS V Good luck!
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