Hesi Score? Middle Georgia college/Cochran or Dublin 2012 - page 2

Finally, I made a composite score of 84% on my over all hesi and on the Math and English as well. This was for Middle Geogia College Today. You had to make atleast a 75% so I'm assuming I will be in the runner up of those who may... Read More

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    This will give you a break starting out. I think I'm going to call them tommorrow becuase I'm still unsure about the electives. A friend of mine told me they said you can take electives in the summer to help you get ready for the program and there's one class if you take it and make an A you can exempt the test in the beginning of nursing courses. Anyway I will confirm this info tommorrow.

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    Hay veronica17c I talk to the school today and she was telling me that they do have electives that you can take in the summer time. The classes will help you a great deal. She talked about the clinical calculations which is a class on math/dosages and if you make an A in it this summer you can exempt the test when you get in the first semester. She said even if you don't get in Middle GA you could still benefit from taking it. Now I have contact admissions and see what I need to do because I may have to be a transient student to take it this summer. I'm taking world lit at the school I already go to and I don't want to take it any where else.
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    Hay Veronica17c hows it going? I thought I would check in with you? This what is killing me May can't get here fast enough. Have you heard anything from other people or such?
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    I got into one of my schools in Charleston so I'm breathing a little easier..lol. Found out I might be deploying (I'm in the reserves) so if I get into MGC I might have to turn it down .
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    awh!! well as long as your doing what makes you happy it doesn't matter where you become a nurse at. Will you deploy to charleston? Is that why you would take the acceptance there? Anyway I'm happy for you! One acceptance letter does make a person breath better. Thats how my friend was when she got her first acceptance letter. She waiting on another one but she isn't worried like I am because she already has a letter. Anyway keep me updated.
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    They don't have a wait-list. Its' a Fall 2013 start date but you can ask to start earlier if there is space available. I'm going to Afghanistan but should be back for the summer of 2013 so the date would be great....if I don't go I'll ask to start this spring. Good luck on MGC. How close are you to Charleston? I live in Pooler, GA and it's an 1 1/2 drive to Charleston.
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    It's actually closer to than Dublin for me
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    Hay girl good to hear from you again. anyway I guess it would be maybe two and half hours for me because I'm in statesboro. Pooler is about 35 to 40 minutes from me so I'm estimating. Wow thats good they don't have a wait list. Be sure to still let me know if you get an acceptance letter from MGC. May is finally here and It's time for me to start counting down. I'm trying to finds something to do for the month of may just to stay busy and not think about nursing. Maybe time will go by faster. I'm taking my last final tommorrow and then I get a break until June 4th for summer classes.
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    Hay veronica17c I got word from one of my classmates that she was told the letters go out this friday. I'm not sure if thats so but I sure hope they do. Don't forget to let me know if and when you get a letter or email or anything from Mgc. I'm so tired of waiting I can't even enjoy myself until this part is over.
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    Hi Veronica17c I just wanted to give yoiu heads up letters are out because my friend has gotten hers today. I'm a little nervous cause we live in the same town and I don't have one yet. She told me not to worry because she has a Post office box and I have a residence box at my house. She said po boxes tend to get theres first so will see pray I get it saturday morning. I hope tonight goes fast. let me know if you got anything.

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