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  1. I took the Hesi today and thought I would share my experience. Here are my scores.......

    Math - 98%
    Grammar - 88%
    Reading - 84%
    Vocab - 84%
    A&P - 72%

    The test took me a total of three hours to take and let me just say it is a test I don't want to re-take.

    The reading was horrible. I thought it would have a passage and then ask 5-6 questions each but it wasn't. It had multiple short paragraphs that had several questions related to it but was spread out throughout the test. Really weird!

    Math obviously was the easiest subject for me and I was completely surprised at my score. I am usually horrible at math but this test was really basic math. If you have the evolve study guide it is exactly the same!

    I thought I was going to do great in vocab but there weren't many words on the test from the study guide. Some words I have never heard before therefore I couldn't even remember to tell you!

    Grammar was pretty basic as well and is just like the study guide. Just make sure you take the time to read the questions all the way through.

    Last but not least..... Anatomy and Physiology!!! Ugh........ Let me just start out with saying I received an A in each of my biology classes and was completely shocked at my score! This is the subject I reviewed the most. I went over old notes, took online practice tests, and reviewed the text. There were only 30 questions in this section unlike the 55 in the others so you have to do especially good to keep a high score.

    I'm hoping to re-take a few sections but from what I have been told I have to wait 90 days to do so. This puts me back a semester for starting since the program at my school is based off points. Although I passed every section I didn't not get the higher scores to get in early.

    Anyways....... I hope this helps!
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  3. by   x_factor
    Your scores still look really good with the exception of A&P, and I heard that section is just a beast to begin with. I'm sure you'll do much better when you re-take it, now that you know what to expect.

    On the vocabulary section, were many of the words "medical" words, or just random non-medical words? I have the 2nd and 3rd edition of the HESI guides, and have been studying from various other sources as well (including Quizlet). My test is this week, and I'm trying to cover all my bases.
  4. by   FtrRn15
    I would say a good variety of both. Does the third edition study guide have different words?
  5. by   x_factor
    It has a FEW added words, just a few. Otherwise they're all the same. I really expected some of the words and at least the math problems to be different, but they aren't, so it was a waste of money for me. I didn't know that when I bought the 3rd edition, otherwise I would've saved my cash and just used the 2nd edition I already had.
  6. by   FtrRn15
    It may be the addition of the vocab words but I don't know why they would make you buy another book. I'm glad I didn't buy it then. Thanks! Just out of curiosity... What were the different words?