Hesi question

  1. My school does not require the biology and chem sections of the test. Will I still have to answer those question and they just don't count? Or are they not delivered to us at all? Thanks
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  3. by   katrinad
    your school will have the hesi people do the type of test you neeed if it is not required .Will not be on there so study what they tell you and you will be fine
  4. by   UTHSC_Bound
    actually it was AVAILABLE for me to take, but I knew I didn't have to so I did not. When you sit down to take the test you can choose what order to take the sections in that you need to take.

    You are scored on each section individually and your score is available for you to view immediately upon completing each section. I was so paranoid I wouldn't be able to see my scores later that as I completed them I would print out my results to the main desk and they just gave me my stacks of paper on my way out.

    If you are considering ANY other school other than your primary choice take a peek at what they require, and if its any of the additional sections consider just taking it anyway. Your primary wont weight it, but your secondary will be able to use your existing scores instead of you having to take it twice.