HESI exit exam study tips

  1. I just recently graduated from nursing school with a BSN and took the HESI exit exam in June. I thought this test was very difficult and a lot of the material I have never seen or learned before. My school had someone from HESI come for 3 days and teach a review course and teach us hints for answering the HESI questions. I would definitely recommend studying for this exam by doing tons of NCLEX (Saunders book) and HESI questions (on the hesi website) and going through any content you aren't sure of. I did some questions every day for about 3 weeks and passed the HESI with a 906 (you needed an 850 at my school to pass and graduate). I know several people from my school who didn't study or go over any questions or material and failed a couple different times. Even if you feel like studying isn't helping, I would do it anyways because it helps you to feel more confident when you go in to take the test. If you can pass the HESI, then you shouldn't have a problem passing the NCLEX (I thought the HESI was much more difficult). Good luck!
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  3. by   crewz
    hi! what did you think about the "hesi hints" from the evolve hesi book? or did you mostly focus on practice questions? I've done sooo many questions, but getting the hang of what those hesi questions are asking is so difficult because I've always found their wording to be kinda weird :/

    ps. congrats by the way!!
  4. by   paRN12
    I didn't really use the hesi hints unless I was going through content that I was unsure of. I mostly did questions on the hesi evolve website and the case studies (I focused on med surg). I also did a lot of NCLEX questions from the Saunders book, even though I think that hesi questions are completely different than NCLEX ones. I agree that hesi questions are worded differently and are more difficult, but as long as you do as much as you can before the exam and go in feeling confident, then you'll pass!