HESI every semester

  1. We take a HESI exit exam every semester and last semester (my 1st of an ADN program) I scored 1100 on my HESI.

    Anyone that took it multiple semesters in a row find that it feels the same each semester? Or does each one feel different? If I did well on the first semester and continued doing well in my classes and clinicals and doing NCLEX questions this semester should I be feeling confident that I'll pass with at least the 900 required again? Or is each one completely it's own thing and one doesn't really predict another?
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  3. by   Racer15
    They were all a little different. I only ever studied for them using my HESI NCLEX review book though, and never made below a 900.
  4. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    We have them every semester as well. They are all different. Study the HESI Comprehensive NCLEX review book and anything you went over in class... the "HESI hints" in the HESI review book really help! Any boxes in your textbook are good to know too. It's really a crapshoot, since you don't know what material the test will cover, but it seems like good preparation for the Exit HESI. OH and do the case studies & practice quizzes/tests on Evolve if you have access to them!
  5. by   Ahalyard
    I am looking for hesi exit exam review course if anyone knows of a reputable one please let me know.