HESI A2 Study Guide Suggestions

  1. Hello,

    I failed the A&P section of the HESI A2 test twice now. The first time I took it I passed all except for A&P (it was my fault since I didn't study A&P at all).

    The second time, I studied using the HESI Exam Review 3rd Edition, and ReadyfortheHesi.pdf, my score was very close to passing. So I did improve but it wasn't enough.

    So what am I missing? I'm disappointed that I failed it twice, even though I felt like I knew my A&P after studying. There must be something I'm missing or not grasping at all. My confidence in taking this a 3rd time is kinda low.

    Is there any additional study guide that anyone can suggest mainly for A&P, and also for Biology.

    I did pass Biology, but it was just in the border of passing.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   firefly101

    if you go to this website and log in with your information from the test, you should be able to access your remediation (which pretty much tells you all the questions you got wrong! it also provides helpful hints and study guides for next time!)
  4. by   phsleague
    I looked at it and I see the topics and the book where it came from. I guess I'll have to get those books to review. Hopefully I feel more confident, thanks for the help.