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    Has anyone found any sites for the HESI to practice on? I've been looking and looking and haven't come up with anything. I may be putting in something wrong for the search engine, who knows.

    Thanks for any advice

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    hi Nicole
    i'm new to this site and i don't know how to PM you to get the Hesi study guide. Please help me, i will be having my exam in a week. I hope is okay to leave my email. (adolphlop@yahoo.com), will love to hear from u soon.thanks
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    I am new to the site, I dont know how to PM a person, how do you do it?
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    Moved to HESI Entrance exam.
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    The best (free) practice tests I found were at www.test-guide.com/free-hesi-a2-practice-tests.html

    Hope that helps!
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    For the people that have taken the hesi A2 exam. Does the quizlet.com help with the vocabulary section?
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    I passed my exam today; thanks to my friends and following site:

    good luck
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    Thanks you so much. I'm taking it on January.

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