Hesi A2 Exam

  1. hey ya'll!

    so i'm startin at a new school after winter break (just took my last test of the fall semester yesterday!). i had already taken my nln pax at my old school but it wont transfer to the new school i'm going to because they require you to take the hesi a2 exam. does anyone recommend a good study guide to buy?

    i found this one @ barnes & noble, http://search.barnesandnoble.com/adm...ment+edition+2

    ...........................but i wanted to check with you guys to see if you felt this would be a good study guide to buy. i appreciate your help! thanks
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  3. by   Faith2012
    The Hesi A2 actually have its own book. I didnt use it i googled around and came across the same information in the book. A friend girl of mine had the book and found it handy. If you want to save yourself some money try your local library, they tend to have nurse education books for check out. This may not be the information you were looking for but I hope it helps. Goodluck
  4. by   Lucidity
    I took the Hesi A2 a few months ago. It isn't hard. The book shown on the link is the correct study guide for this test. You can buy it, or to save money just page through it if you don't mind hanging out in Barnes and Noble. Which sections is your school requiring? Every school is different. There is math, reading, grammar, vocabulary, A&P, chem, biology, and physics. My school made me test on the first 6. Some schools only make you test on the first four of that last.