HESI A2 - critical thinking?

  1. I just took the HESI exam last weekend and my school requires a 75% on each section. That was not a problem for me, I got a 98% on all of them except one which was a 94%. However, I got a 710 on the critical thinking section (out of 1000, the school requires a 750). So now I have to take it again :/ does anyone know how to study for the critical thinking section? Or any tips?? I bought the Elsevier HESI prep book but it doesn't tell you how to study for that. Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   Red35
    Not really...I believe you just need to think like a nurse. Tell the truth and try to place yourself as a nurse...

    Also read all the answers-one answer may be good and one may be better. Does that make sense?

    Good luck and PM me if needed!
  4. by   wooltie
    This book (Fundamentals Success: A Q&A Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking) was recommended by several people here. It helped me get familiar or "used to" the way the questions are stated... The main strategy that the book goes into is to ask yourself before looking at the answer choices: Who is the client? What is the question asking? Then go through each choice and use the process of elimination. Btw, a little about the book itself... There's an introduction on what critical thinking is and the strategy. The main bulk of the book are practice questions divided into subject matter such as ethics, community nursing, medication administration, hygiene, Qs related to different body systems and more. They provide clear rationale for why each choice is wrong or right. It also comes with a CD with more practice questions.
  5. by   misridley
    as so far I understand, the critical thinking answers all is right you just have to select the one you think the nurse will do first. im preparing myself for the hesi test also; can u help with my studying? I really need to pass this exam.
  6. by   misridley
    thanks for the heads up wooltie on the critical thinking review.