HESI A2 Critical thinking/vocab/grammar/reading

  1. I HAVE To take the HESI A2 on March 14th to even be considered for the nursing program at my choice school. (every other school I want to go to requires the ACT, i've been out of school for 5 years, i'm NOT going back to take the ACT!)

    This school requires a 75% on the Math, Reading, Vocab and Grammar as well as a 750 on Critical Thinking.

    I ordered the Evolve admission Assessment review book, and Fundamentals success: A course review applying critical thinking to test taking.

    I mostly want to know what the Vocab, Grammar, Reading and Math sections are going to cover. I've heard that the Critical thinking is mostly Triage questions, if its more then that PLEASE help with that too!

    I'm pretty good with english/writing in general but I haven't had an english class in over a year or so, so I really need a refresher and I'm hoping the Evolve book will help....If anyone can give me pointers on everything what else I need to study, etc...

    Also I'm wondering what to expect on test day, time it takes, registering, how everything is set up...etc...

    Thanks everyone in advance!!!!
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  3. by   Witty3RN
    Hi GamerGirl

    You stated that you ordered the study guide to the A2 test - just study the study guide in those area. The questions in the study guide are the same type of questions on the exam for the math, reading, vocab, and grammar.

    Math - know how to do ratios and the breakdown for cup, pints, quarts, and gallons. Also know liters, milliliters, grams and kilograms. They provide a calculator for the math portion. Just review and know how to work all math problems in the study guide and you should do fine. The math is actually pretty easy.

    The reading, vocab, and grammar is also just like the study guide. This portion is actually pretty easy also. The vocab does have a lot reference to medical terms so be sure to review that in the study guide (medical terminology may be listed in the A&P section.)

    The only part of the A2 Test that is hard is the science portion and just be glad that you do not have to take the science. You should have not a problem making a 75% on the math and grammar, reading, and vocab section. I made an 87% and I have not took a math or English class in 10 years.

    The Critical Thinking is triage questions there is really no way to study for them. My critical thinking score did not print out on my sheet but at the end of the test if will list it with the other scores. I made an 800 on the critical thinking section.

    Good Luck and just review the study guide!

  4. by   Witty3RN
    I forgot to answer some question.

    Also I'm wondering what to expect on test day, time it takes, registering, how everything is set up...etc..

    I took my test at a prometic testing site. I had to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the exam, I also had to know my Evolve password that I used to register to take the exam. You have to show a copy of your driver license and lock everything in a locker provided by the testing site. You are not allowed to wear a jacket or watch - everything make be locked up.

    It took me 161 minutes (2hrs 41mins) to take the test but that also including the science portion (Chemistry, Biology, A&P) that also included some personality questions at the end.

    I registered for the test ahead of time so basically just had to provide a copy of my license for identification the day of the test.

    The test is computerized and timed. I had 4 hours to complete mine not sure how long you will have since you are only taking the Math and English.

    Be sure to eat breakfast and use the restroom before the test. If you have to go the restroom in the middle of the test - if eats into your time.

    Any other questions let me know.


  5. by   GamerGirL337
    Thanks so much for your help Witty!

    I took the test yesterday was SO nervous, but I did really well...I needed a 75% over all and ended up with 93.41%! a 95.65% on Reading, a 96% on grammar and a 96% on Vocab, my lowest was in math...i got an 86%

    but i did get an 850 on the Critical thinking! Getting the fundamental of nursing book helped Tremendously! there were even a few questions on there that were directly from that book!

    It took me 126 minutes to take it and i took my time...so Im very proud of myself and i hope those scores get me in!
  6. by   Witty3RN
    You are so welcome! You have excellent scores.. So happy for you.. You shouldn't have any any problems with getting accepted ~ Good luck and keep me updated ~
  7. by   wewe12
    Hi to everyone on this post. I will be taking the Hesi exam soon. can you guys please tell me how the A&P and critical thinking was. like an exam of the critcial thinking question. and how many questions are on the test. Thanks so much for your help.
  8. by   GamerGirL337
    Hey Wewe12!

    I know nothing about the A&P it wasn't required for my school...but critical thinking....yes!

    If you have time, buy Fundamentals success: A course review applying critical thinking to test taking...its PERFECT for this test and helped me tremendously!

    The questions they ask on the Critical thinking will ask you certain situations, such as" if you have 4 patients with these specific conditions, who would you treat first?" or others regarding how you would handle certain situations as a nurse...its basically asking NCLEX questions...they CAN be hard...i got an 850 which ive been told is good, and it is 100 points higher then what i needed for my school, but most schools require a 900...so you see what i mean there..
  9. by   wewe12
    Thank you so much GamerGirL337, that helps a whole lot. i have until may 27th to take the test. i will get that book and get reading. oh, and your scores on the Hesi are breath taking !!!. Thanks and God bless !!!!!! (:
  10. by   Witty3RN
    Hello wewe12

    I don't know if you had A&P I & II yet. But if so I would do a review of your A&P book and not rely of the study guide for this portion of the test. I just had A&P I and I'm currently in A&P II and I found that section of the test pretty hard. The questions covered lots of different material some of the questions were pretty detailed. It's been over a month since I took the test so I don't really remember any sample questions, I just know that the question in the study guide were completely different than the question on the actual test - but that's only on the science portion. If you have already taken A&P you should be fine and just review the text book. Good Luck.

  11. by   wewe12
    hey WITTY3!!

    thank you so much for your help. yes i have taken A&P 1and 2, Am on the good side with that. i just hope that they dont bring those crazy questions.
  12. by   Witty3RN

    You should be fine since you have already took both A&P I & II -- Good Luck!
  13. by   chizzy05
    hello everyone,
    pls i registered to write Hesi on the 20th of august, for admission into UTHSC houston.they require math, reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge, grammar, anatomy and physiology, critical thinking, learning styles and personality styles.
    question 1: please did any one already take the test for this school, i registered for the "admission asssment test with critical thinking,is it the right one?"
    question 2: i heard that it will be a 4hr test, with all these sections do i need to really rush through them on that day to keep up with time?
    Question 3ls do i just ignore the sections that are not required by the school( eg chemistry, physics) or are those courses going to be automatically removed from the my test?
    Question 4: i have bought the hesi book from evolve and also the mcgraw hill's test, with these two is there any particular way i should study (based on where i should concentrate on.)
    i am so sorry, its a lot of questions ithat i am asking, i am so scared.pls any answer will help.you dont have to answer all, just any one that u know about.any thing helpful will be appreciated.thanks in advance.
  14. by   Nurse2b7337
    I just took the Hesi today. You guys were right there was no way to prepare for the critical thinking part of the test. I scored a 850 and I was shocked!!!