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    I recently purchased the following book on Amazon:


    Do you believe it was a wise choice? There's only four graded content sections, specifically, math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.

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    If your in Nursing School already, then go for it. But this site is for those wanting to get into Nursing School which requires the HESI A2 Entrance Exam book, not the NCLEX-RN. You should consult with the school you desire for advice.
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    Perhaps, I was mislead by the reviews. Students used this book to study for an exit HESI and not the entrance HESI. Oh, well. Maybe, someone could recommend a book for the entrance exam? Preferably, a book one has studied, and which, helped them to pass significantly.
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    Amazon.com: Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review (9781416056355): HESI: Books This is the one some have been using which helped them score well on the Study guide, but for the A&P section, you would need to seek more resources because its very limited.

    Amazon.com: Admission Assessment Exam Review, 3e (9781455703333): HESI: Books This is the newest and current edition (2012) of the Hesi study guide.
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    I appreciate the help. Coincidentally, I purchased the 3rd Edition last night. To my knowledge, there is only four graded sections, that I'll be tested on. Being math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. I'll be signing up for the test on Tuesday, at a nursing seminar.
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    Okay that shouldn't be to bad...I wish my school required the same four section. Anyway, you should be fine and the book is really good. Good Luck
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    Did you take the test?
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    Quote from Fetle
    Did you take the test?
    I'll be taking the test tomorrow.
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    i took the test in december it wasnt bad. i go to wsu and i only had to pass 4 parts too i thought it was really simple actually i stressed way to much calm down youll do great

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