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I will be taking my Hesi A2 entrance exam in less than a month and I'm a little nervous about the AP section. I will have two chances to take this test (one in February and one in September) before I apply for the program in... Read More

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    Everything was multiple choice on my test. I took everything but physics. I think there are 50 math questions/ And like 30 or so on the other sections. It was relatively easy, I worried to much over it and way over prepared.

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    Thanks a lot for the reply. even the math section was multiple choice too?
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    Out of the 50 math questions, I think there were two fill in the blank questions, and if I remeber correctly those two questions were easier then the multiple choice questions!

    So yep like 95 percent of the questions are multiple choice which really made it easy! I scored the highest on the math section and math is not my strong subject!
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    thanks Tinman1017. information helps me a lot. I am very nervous, taking HESI next Tuesday on 20th. I have to take math, reading and voc and general knowledge. can you please advice what section should i take first? English is not my first language, so i struggle a bit on reading part. can you also please tell me what types of questions there are in general knowledge?
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    RN Chick:

    i took the hesi A2 twice, and had to take all the sections except for physics & bio. first time i scored an 88, second time a 98. here are some tips:

    math - take your time, triple check every answer. the questions are simple, but it is soooo easy to make a mistake. mostly multiple choice, but a few fill in the blank. you may not get to use a calculator (depends on the school). i brought 10 sheets of blank, printer paper to use to do my problems on, so that i could write big and clearly and had plenty of space, and that helps. the Hesi Admission Assessment study guide very well prepares you for the math portion of this test. do this section first because it takes a lot of focus.

    reading - the best way to be prepared for this section is to do many many practice problems, especially if english is not your first language. go to a barnes & noble and page through other nursing school entrance exam work books, and do the reading practice problems in those. it really helps. there were not enough practice problems in the Hesi Admission Assessment workbook for me to feel prepared. do the reading section second, because it will also take focus and focusing is hard to do when your test is long, but you dont want to do this section first because if you do not get the score you want, you might get upset and do badly on the rest of your test

    vocab and general knowledge - this is probably the hardest section, but you want to do it last since it doesnt take as much "focus". almost everyone scores the lowest in vocab since the words are so random. there isnt a very good way to prepare for this except to memorize the vocab section in the Hesi guide, since there are about 10 words from the guide in the actual test. the test mostly consists of picking the word that best fits into the sentence. be sure to check each and every word, because this section can get tricky. two words may sound correct but there is only one "best answer." as for general knowledge... there weren't many questions on my test, but an example would be "effect" vs "affect"

    hope this helps! good luck!
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    Thats some great info above and I agree with it all!

    I highly recomend taking READING first! Its the only section you really have to pay close attention to. So taking it first while you are wide awake and alert will help you out. Its where you read a few paragraphs and answer 5 questions. Its easy as long as you arent dozing off. Some people I know took it last and they had a hard time concentrating!

    Oh and another thing.....

    Dont get to caught up in your score. As you finish a section you can see your score on that section and your overall score!

    Its an easy test, embrace it!
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    I recently passed the HESI and I wanted to share some feedback. My school only required the reading, grammar, vocab and math parts. The math part was mainly fractions and conversions. The grammar and reading were pretty straight forward. There were some specific vocab questions that you wouldn't know unless you studied. I used the HESI review book by Mosby and some practice tests at www.test-guide.com/free-hesi-a2-practice-tests.html
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    How was the vocab section? Any words from the evolve book? Some people on this site said that there are only 4 words that appear on the test. Is that true?
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    Please do not discuss exact questions as this is unethical. You can ask general questions, but we do not allow repetition of the test questions. Thanks.
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    Will b taking the HESI A2 for the first time in march. so i should have enough time to study. any study material recommendations? appreciate the help
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