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I took the HESI pre-entrance test today and BOMBED scoring 72.5%. I need a minimum of 77% to even be considered for the program. I got the Elsevier review book and studied for 10 days. I took... Read More

  1. by   Maria Font
    Do you remember what kind of questions in chemestry, and what topics in reading?
  2. by   peanut901
    You're lucky to have taken your test! I can't wait to get mine over with and out of the way. Do you have any suggestions for chemistry or biology? Also, you mentioned meosis/mitosis. Should we memorize the steps? Thanks!!

    Quote from FLhusker
    I just took the HESI today. Math....huge number of questions covering ratios and fractions, if you know those you will do well. NO algebra, it was very easy and all basic math. Oh, but do brush up on your conversions....pints to gallons, KG to g, ML to L, ounces to pints/gallons.
    Vocab was a little trickier than I expected since it did have some anatomy terms that you needed to know....don't know why they didn't put that in the A&P section.
    Grammer and Reading were pretty easy. No, you don't need to know all of the different parts of speech and terminology.
    A&P was pretty specific and a bit tougher than I expected. Know meosis/mitosis....kidney....DNA....enzymes....serous membranes....
    I took THREE practice A&P tests and none of the questions from those were on the real thing. I suggest reading an entire A&P textbook as preparation!
    Chemistry and Biology were easier than I expected.
    I'm SO glad to be done with it and know that I don't have to take it again!!
    Good luck to all that haven't taken it yet.
  3. by   FLhusker
    For the reading, they will give you a topic covering a few paragraphs and then ask about 5 or 6 questions from the topic. You can refer to the paragraphs when answering so that makes it easy. You will have to figure out what the author is implying, along with answering specific questions about facts, opinions and generalizations. If you take your time, it is pretty easy to get through this part. I got a 98% on this part and I hate reading and often have to read something 3 or 4 times before it sets in!
    I wasn't worried too much about Chemistry since that portion doesn't figure in to my overall score at my school. If I remember correctly, know about moles, different kinds of bonding, molecular weight, element symbols, subatomic particles (where they are and which are bigger).
    Biology...know the stages of Mitosis (PMAT), cell structure (if I recall there were a few questions about the cell membrane, rough ER, golgi apparatus and nucleus), RNA and DNA (what they do and what there are made of), phenotypes, recessive gene, also had to know that AIDS was in the retrovirus group.
    It's just so hard to remember all of the questions.
    I hope this helps!
  4. by   AndrewCraigRN
    Retake it. Check out my post about the hesi, its helped other people. I've got some different guides that may help you out if your interested. Check out my hesi related post.
  5. by   Habibah76
    I need help with vocabulary and a&p section for better score.
  6. by   nightngal
    I need help! I took the math and reading portion of the Hesi last semester. I did ok, 84.7 (reading) and 93 (math). I thought that I was ready to apply, all I was doing was finishing up microbiology. Well apparently this semester the school made many changes, there are now 3 extra portions to the Hesi. Grammer, vocabulary and A&P. I have only learned this information a few days ago and application period will be over soon. I have no idea on what to study for anatomy! I have heard mixed review in my class concerning the vocabulary, some say it has nothing to do with the hesi study guide and others say it does! I thought I was finished, I have terrible test anxiety, so please anyone nice enough to help would be great appreicated!!!
  7. by   MCLMN765
    I was wondering if anyone was still willing to help some pass the Hesi A2 test?
    I take mine March 14th 2011
  8. by   camaev
    can you guys remember what kind of questions in the a&p section? at least give us an idea like what to focus on and give us some sample questions if you guys remember..thanks in advance!!
  9. by   camaev
    how did you do on your test?
  10. by   ebonyroot
    I am looking over the "Information and Application" packet for Gateway Community College in Phoenix. It only states that there is a math portion that must receive a 75% or higher and a "composite" score of 75% or higher in reading, grammar, and vocab. If any one on has take the exam for any of the Maraca colleges and has any info as to how hard the math portion might be for some one with WEAK math skills. If so, would I fair better on the exam if I took a math course before attempting the exam?
  11. by   Maria Font
    I took the Hesi yesterday, and the math part is like the information on the book. There were about 10 questions in convertion, percentages, converting pounds to kilograms, etc, fractions, multiplication subs, division. If you follow the book, you will do ok.
  12. by   lrachel2007
    I am going to take hesi next 2 weeks which is april 28, I really help on grammar and reading portion of exam. I believe i don't have problem with math and vocabulary. Is anyone have good materials for grammar and reading.... i just passed CPAt exam today, the rep. said i barely passed because i did good on the math portion... Please, let me know or send me some infomation.... I really appreciated..
  13. by   m1ster f1ster
    My biggest concern is the math part, im purrty sure i can handle the rest of it, if there is any link that can lead me directly to a guide that i can practice from, i would so gladly appreciate it thank you