HELP! Bombed the HESI Entrance Test - page 7

I took the HESI pre-entrance test today and BOMBED scoring 72.5%. I need a minimum of 77% to even be considered for the program. I got the Elsevier review book and studied for 10 days. I took the 4 practice tests in the back... Read More

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    Brittany can you give me some in sites about the critical reading section?
    Thanks so much.

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    Good lack you you Hollyjoi. Please give me some in sites on what it was on the critical reading section if you may. I am so scared.
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    Lady vol

    If you are still willing I would like to ask some questions about the HESI math and reading comprehension parts.
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    How was your HESI Exam? I hope you did great How was the A& P part of the test? Message me to tell me please.
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    How was the HESI? what about the A&p sections. any thing you rmr?
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    Im getting ready to take the HESI A2 in september. Most people are saying that the vocab is hard..What type of vocab words are there? Is it A&P? Or a mix of all types of words? Thanks for your replys!
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    Study the math section of the book more and be able to get 100 on the practice test. also dont rely on the book for any of the science material. study your notes. the study guide is garbage when it comes to studying the science portions
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    For me the vocab was the hardest, there are only a few words that are in the Study Guide (4 only). I have never met the words that were in the test nowhere in the books I read. But maybe vocab was hard for me because English is my second language, who knows.
    Good lack to you.
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    hi everyone..

    i am taking my hesi exam this friday... i have studied every day for 4 hr or maybe even more. i left my social life and ignored my family for this test. i really need some one to give me last few words about this test. i dont know what to expect for a &p since alot of people thought it was hard. believe it or not..i suck at reading comprehension part because i get bored reading boring things and then i dont pay attention. is reading comprehension part simple and easy to find the answer?

    any suggestion would help me alot. please help..

    thank you
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    How did the test go?

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