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Can anyone offer tips for the Fundamentals HESI final? I know there is a HESI book, but I'm not fond of it. I have the Saunders NCLEX and the Davis Fundamentals Success book, but some of the stuff in... Read More

  1. by   rleah
    Oh and review procedure for skills like proper order of PPE, sterile field, catheter and suctioning.
  2. by   JJL618
    Quote from rleah
    Adaptive quizzing is harder than the HESI at least for fundamentals. I will say it's as random as a hesi was. But for the same style of questions as on the HESI, I really recommend the online portion of the HESI NCLEX review.
    Is that on the evolve website somewhere or do you have to buy the hesi book and enter the code?
  3. by   rleah
    Quote from JJL618
    Is that on the evolve website somewhere or do you have to buy the hesi book and enter the code?
    So the book does come with the code. However if you have a used book that the code has already been used you can buy online access without it.
  4. by   rleah
  5. by   JJL618
    Was there head to toe assessment stuff on there or any of the more administrative side of nursing stuff on there?
  6. by   rleah
    I believe there were some questions on assessment, but no administrative questions. At least on the test I took.
  7. by   JJL618
    That's great. That type of stuff wasn't my favorite this semester.

    Did you have to bring headphones? I just learned we do and that we may have to listen to heart and breath sounds.
  8. by   rleah
    Yes we had to bring earphones but it was to a video scenario about a procedure. No breath sounds.
  9. by   gypsierose
    I thought the HESI was a bit easier, but still hard. A huge part of HESI is test taking skills and eliminating answers. Remember too that the HESI is not scored by the percentage you get right, but by their own internal metrics. Good luck! PS I feel all your pain. Nursing school, man, its a drag!
  10. by   JJL618
    Wow I don't like the HESI. LOL. It was terrible I thought. I'd rather have one of our instructor's test as a final. Maybe if we had access to their adaptive quizzing, the questions wouldn't have surprised me as much, but they were very wordy.

    I made a 983, which on our grading scale at our school is a 95, but I honesty have no idea how. I knew I got like 20-25 correct, but the others I literally guessed. I must have guessed correctly because I was able to get down to two possible right answers. Then from those two both made sense.

    Wow. Just glad to be done with this semester with an A.
  11. by   gypsierose
    The HESI is awful. Who knows how it is scored. > 900 on the exit HESI is predictive of passing the NCLEX. The rest- just tests. I'm sorry that so many programs put such emphasis on it. We get points but its not a big deal.