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  1. 0 Well I'm near the end of the road. I'm schedule to take my hesi exit On the 11th of this month, can you guys give me some pointers as to what books and study methods I should utilize.
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    The actual hesi book...also Saunders with disk...do questions on there.
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    The Saunders NCLEX-RN practice questions also are available with Internet access for $30...good when you want access to the content but don't have the ability to use the book. Like the Internet HESI NCLEX-RN product, rationales are provided. I like both although I think the HESI practice questions are tougher than Saunders (personal opinion).
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    The HESI isn't hard. If you've been doing your work and studying all semester you'll do fine. I didn't study a wink and passed with a 1041
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    NCLEX 10000 was what my school has us use and its quite helpful

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