End of Semester HESI

  1. I am in my first semester of a BSN nursing program. I will be taking my first two HESI exams at the end of this semester. They will be for Health Assessment and Pharmacology. Does anyone know of any good sites that can help with studying? Names of books?
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  3. by   m0lasses
    HESI puts out a book "HESI NCLEX RN" or something like that. I got mine in my senior year and it was really helpful. I could have used it from the beginning for sure. There isn't a lot of pharmacology in there, but it is still very helpful.
  4. by   ScrappytheCoco
    The HESI book really isn't helpful for these two. It doesn't really start to be relevant until Med/Surg and such. If you google you can find flash cards that people have made with practice questions. Do you have access to the case studies/practice tests on Evolve? Those are the most helpful IMO.
  5. by   MLB4
    What I found to be the most helpful tool for studying for HESI was completing the Evolve case studies and reenforcing material you struggle with from your textbooks/resources.. You will do well! Best of luck!

  6. by   atucker86
    I see you posted this a while ago but what I always found most helpful was if u go on the evolve website you don't actually have to buy the RN NCLEX HESI book but u can register for it and they have a practice test that has questions that are very very very close to the questions in all the HESIs I took. FYI- the pharm hesi was the one I did the worst on I got 779 and on all the other ones (7) I had 875 or higher. I did also buy the book bc I thought "what's another $20"