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    Everyone says to know these but they only give a basic chart in the study guide.. when you mean know your conversions what do you mean? Is it typical household conversions ?

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    I found a list of conversions online...make sure you know liter/milileters/kilogram/gram ounces etc....I also used my GED math book that had a more in depth conversion list.
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    thank you! i have the study guide but it doest really go into much
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    PER TOS and as the Header in this forum states, do not ask specifics of the exam.

    This is academic dishonesty.
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    Like I said before...I would use the GED math book or find conversion table online. I really liked the GED math book. it's by far a better book for math( I haven't been in high school for years). Good luck and make sure you practice!

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