Breaking down...

  1. I took the hesi a2 once already, and got a 79.6 average

    math 78
    reading 80
    grammar 92
    vocab 80
    critical thinking 740
    anatomy 68

    I got the evolve study guide for the anatomy section, and yall can guess how that helped me. I have no idea where to start, how to start, or what to do. I'm stressed, panicing, and wanting to just break down and give up.

    Am i the only one who's had this happen to them? If not, how did you study for the anatomy section after this upset?

    I'm taking the hesi a2 once more this friday, and i need help as fast as possible
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  3. by   joannashaw
    don't get anxious trust me. I was so nervous going into it and ended up knowing most of the material fairly well. i psyched myself out thinking I was going to do horrible on the math section because I haven't done it in so long that and sure enough that was my lowest score with an 84. now that you have a feel for what's going to be on the exam, I'm sure you'll do just fine! I also used the evolve study guide and got a 93 overall score and an 890 on the critical thinking.
  4. by   anegash
    Do you have any tips/tricks/helpful hints for me on studying the anatomy portion (hit me like a curveball) , and the math (the conversions and fractions got to me)
  5. by   joannashaw
    I didnt take the anatomy portion of it because gcc doesn't require it. for the math part I do remember it being heavier with adding fractions and I couldn't remember how to do it so i started freaking out and the more I freaked out the longer it took me. study multiping/dividing/adding/subtracting decimals and fractions and also study military time. practice it a lot because that's the only way you learn math. for anatomy, I reccomend you use flashcards. I know you're stressed and I know how little this probably means to you, but go in there with a positive mind set.
  6. by   FtrRn15
    Are you using the evolve study guide for the math section? If so you should do just fine. I used this and got a 98%. You just have to remember to reduce the fraction cause they will give you both answers but if you don't reduce it is wrong. As far as the conversions go just memorize all of them. Anatomy and physiology was my worst score as well and I went over the book, old notes, videos, and practice tests.
  7. by   anegash
    The conversions are the hardest to memorize, since i'm trying to memorize anatomy stuff as well in hopes of a higher score. But i'll use the math portion of the evolve study guide and see if it helps me.

    What conversions would you say are the critical ones to know?
  8. by   x_factor
    The math in the study guide is the exact type of math on the test. Study the math in the study guide and you'll ace the math section. It's mostly elementary (basic) math. Decimals, fractions, ratio and proportion, ect. For conversions, study the ones in the study guide, the list of conversions is very short and most are basic (1,000 mL in a liter, 1,000 grams in a Kg, ect.). For math, the study guide is your biggest asset.
  9. by   anegash
    Ok thanks, any hints on anatomy since i'm studying that portion right now :/
  10. by   FtrRn15
    I'm sure you already know how random the test is so my advice is try to retain as much information as you can. I'm assuming you have already taken both classes otherwise it's impossible! Without giving away any of the questions I had I can tell you to know the muscles, hormones, arteries, veins, the heart, nervous system, and anatomical terms. That is all that I can remember. I had to take the test twice as well so I just tried to remember the questions I had to guess on and study that section too. Good luck!
  11. by   anegash
    Took it again, studied this time around and did much better


    Math - 94%
    reading comprehension - 90%
    Grammar - 92%
    Vocab - 88%
    Critical thinking (went down 10 points ) - 730
    Anatomy & physiology - 84%

    ThNKA guys for the support, y'all honestly helped me with the motivation <3
  12. by   katrinad
    I did not pass on the first try either do not give up. If math is your weak point study that its a lot of fractions and proportions and word problems. there is a way to check your answer on the proportions if you cross multiply and it has the same answer that is it... I had a tricky fraction it was in sets of three. The next time you take it do math first ok I took half the time to do the math part lol I was having heart palpatations. When I saw my score I was so sick but then my score came up over 20 ponts it is dooable you can do it .
  13. by   katrinad
    Hey x-factor I passed hesi and was accepted thank you for all your help
  14. by   katrinad
    Try to do Mr Gallon that is awsome to use for conversions.