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  1. I did not pass ati test.Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   BlueEyedGuy
    The main thing to know about that test everything is prioritization, they just don't tell you that. They might say something like 'wh?at is the correct nursing action' just realize that's it's always a priority question (someone people say the 'best right answer', but that never made sense to me. Always be asking yourself 'what I do first?' (or what's most important)

    So, what is most important? Well, basically ABCs and Maslow's. Their some other lesser priorities scheme out there but these are the top two.
    -Scan the answers, if there's something to do with airway and breathing, then that's probably the right answer.
    -Maslow's usually seems to come down to two priorities physiological, then safety. If you can frame an answer in your head around keeping the patient safe, that's probably the right one. If there's anything about fluid balance (a physiological need) and nothing about ABCs, then that's probably the right answer

    Read up on areas that you are weakest, and the more TECHINCAL chapters in the ATI book, IV, urinary elim., bowel elim, and electrolytes Pay attention to the order.

    -Theraeutic communication.
    -You almost never called the doctor, and the main reason you would is the clarify a medication order.
    -physical therapy - canes, crutches, etc

    DO ALL THE PRACTICE QUESTIONS! and read all the rationales (you can read the ones for the ones you didn't choose by clicking the bubbles to left of them. We had 5 practice tests available:
    -my elearning -> tutorials -> RN learning system -> 2 practice test and a final (also do the communication test, it will help through nursing school.
    -my elearning -> practice assessments

    Consider buying the ATI iphone app for more practice questions.